Old open chiller and two glass door cabinets replaced with a 3.75m Lion. He maintained his direct debit to his electricity company and found that two years later he was £1,800 in credit.
Saving: £17.31 per week

Mr Gehlen, Nisa A-Store, Swalwell

Old equipment, small open dairy cabinets and glass door chillers replaced with two new 3.75m Lions. He is now saving £200 per month.
Saving: £46.00 per week

Mr Singh, Rotherham

Already saving £300 per quarter on a previous Lion installation, a second Lion installed in place of 3.75m of old integral dairy cases caused a further reduction of £600 per quarter. This totals a saving of nearly £15,000 over 4 years.
Saving: £67.23 per week

Mr T. Swanwick

Exchanged four 3’ open chillers for a 3.75m and 2.5m Costan Lion and found an electricity reduction of £300 per quarter. Sales were increased and heat levels were reduced.
Saving: £17.31 per week

Mr G. Stocking Farm, Leicester

Mr H. had a 3.75 Lion installed in place of an integral dairy cabinet. He monitors his daily and evening use of energy and has reduced his energy bill by £1100 per annum. He has increased display area and been able to reclaim floor space by holding more stock in the unit.
Saving: £21.15 per week

Mr A.H. Middlham Stores, Leyburn

Open Coke cabinet and old dairy cabinet removed and replaced it with an 2.5m Costan Lion three months ago. Her electricity bill has reduced by £150 per month.
Saving: £34.62 per week

Mrs S. Sunderland

Old dairy cabinet and glass door chiller removed as well as an old air conditioning unit which was no longer needed due to heat reduction. After a 2.5m Costan Lion was installed, his electricity bill was reduced by over £4000 per annum.
Saving: £80.00 p/week

Mr H. Boston